The Revo 100 Bedpan Washer Series provides superior cleaning and disinfection combined with innovative solutions to minimize cost and time. The Revo Washer is an effective solution for processing of bedpans, urinals,bottles and other reusable items used in hospitals and nursing homes.


• Revo washers are able to hold all commonly used receptacles used in hospitals and nursing homes
• Optimum water distribution through many fixed and rotating nozzles ensures thorough cleaning inside and outside the items in the washing chamber
• Steam introduced through the washing nozzles helps ensure complete disinfection
• The automatic door can be operated by a foot-pedal or an optional infra-red proximity switch (Revo 100 H only)
• Ergonomic working height for loading and unloading of items
• Internal chamber has rounded corners and smooth edges inside the door to prevent the risk of bacteria build-up
• Special racks and holders are available
• Detergent pump is optional

Monitoring And Control

• Easy to read display shows program type, stage of cycle, temperature and faults at any given moment
• Cycle programs are easily adjusted to preferred settings. A selfdiagnostic function offers statistics concerning the functioning and use of the machine as well as a record of historical events
• RS-232 printer connection for documenting washing phases

Standard Compliant

The Revo 100 Bedpan Washer Series is designed and constructed in accordance with European directives and standards concerning safety and hygiene for thermal disinfection.
All Tuttnauer bedpan washers comply with CE Medical Device (Community rule 93/42/ CEE with code nr. 0551) and are manufactured in compliance with EN ISO 15883-1/3, KIWA, CSA-US, EMC and SPRI.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Optimum water distribution is ensured by many fixed and rotating nozzles to clean effectively inside and outside the items in the washing chamber. Steam introduced through the nozzles ensures effective disinfection.

Designed To Stay Clean

The washing chamber is designed with smooth edges and rounded corners to ensure a clean chamber surface. A limescale remover pump is built-in.

Long Lasting And Safe

Handling of contaminated items is minimized using theRevo 100 H fully automatic bedpan washer. Door opening can also be operated automatically with a foot pedal or without any physical contact using the optional infra-red proximity switch.

Quality Design And Components

Double wall chamber construction and thorough insulation minimize heat loss and electricity consumption. The external cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel. Inner cabinet and injectors are made of high quality corrosion proof AISI 316L stainless steel.

Safety Features

Safety is important. The Revo washer includes the following safety features:

• Door lock for the duration of the cycle
• Automatic shut-down if the discharge outlet becomes clogged
• Disinfection check and acoustic alarms to indicate faults
• Low power 24V control panel