No Mess, No Hassles, No Measuring... 

Chamber Brite powder is simply the easiest way to keep autoclaves clean and free of water deposit build-up. Designed specifically for steam sterilizers, Chamber Brite effectively cleans and descales the reservoir, chamber and tubing in minutes.

Few Simple Steps to a Hassle-Free Clean

1. Sprinkle Chamber Brite powder along the bottom of the COLD autoclave chamber.
2. Start a sterilization cycle WITH WATER and NO DRYING CYCLE.
3. Drain solution from reservoir and discard.
4. Fill reservoir and repeat steps 2 and 3 without Chamber Brite.
5. Wipe inside of chamber with damp cloth or sponge.
6. Fill reservoir with distilled water and sterilizer is ready for use.

For best results, clean autoclave every 20 cycles or once per week as needed. It is essential to follow the equipment manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and maintenance.

For full instructions on how to use Chamber-Brite -follow the directions on the box.