Lava 50 Washer-Disinfector

The Lava 50 washer-disinfector line is ideal for small surgery centers and dental practices where it is used to clean and disinfect surgical instruments. Easy to install benchtop single door washers provide fast and effective treatment and a perfect preparation for sterilization. Operation is simple: load the material, close the door and select the cycle. The machine does the rest, thus minimizing risks associated with handling infected instruments.

The Lava 50 Washer-Disinfector line provides superior cleaning and disinfection combined with innovative options to minimize cost and time. This comprehensive approach offers a flexible solution for safe and thorough processing of a wide range of medical products for clinics, dental practices and small hospitals.




• Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 93°C
• Temperature controlled by means of two independent PT1000 probes
• Fresh water intake between each phase of the cycle promotes hygiene and better cleaning
• Three level water filtering system
• Heavy duty self-cleaning water circulation pump ensures rapid flow rate and effective spray pressure
• Powerful integrated filtered air drying system (only in Lava 50 DRS)
• Steam condenser prevents condensation from entering in the washing area Design and Convenience
• LED display with 3 adjustable washing programs
• RS232 printer connection for documenting washing phases
• One or two dosing pumps
• Self-cleaning chamber with rounded edges

High Quality Cleaning And Disinfection

Thermal Disinfection

Thermal disinfection takes place at 93°C with a temperature holding time in compliance with EN ISO 15883. Both temperature and time can be modified to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Mechanical Cleaning Action

Mechanical action is a vital component of the cleaning process which uses heavy duty wash pumps to insure high flow rate and effective spray pressure for better and faster cleaning results.

Designed To Stay Clean

The washing chamber is designed with smooth edges and rounded corners to ensure a clean chamber surface.

Long Lasting And Safe

Quality Components

Washing chamber, washing arms and filters are made of high quality corrosion proof AISI 316 stainless steel. Double wall chamber construction and thorough insulation minimize heat loss and electricity consumption.

Standard Compliant

All Tuttnauer washer-disinfectors comply with 93/42/EEC and is manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1 and 2.